Naturaa Coconut Oil

Naturaa cold-pressed coconut oil is made from the finest coconuts grown on farms. It is the result of cold-pressing technology which is naturally flavourful and fragrant, infused with balanced nutrition, and antioxidants. Naturaa coconut oil is perfect for cooking a nutritious meal and has a range of benefits that includes providing natural shine, deep hair conditioning and faster hair growth.

Available Sizes

Get your favourite Naturaa coconut oil in 5 different sizes – 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L,  5 L, 15 Kg (TIN). 

Coconut oil 1L

1 Litre

Pet Bottle

Coconut oil 500ml

500 ml

Pet Bottle

Coconut oil 250ml

250 ml

Pet Bottle

Benefits to choose Naturaa Coconut Oil

We care about you and your health and will do everything we can to ensure your treatment and recovery is successful.
for skin

For Skin

Helps in acne treatment & reduces fine lines. Also helps for wound healing & hydrates skin.

for hair

For Hair

Prevents hair fall, grey hair. Also Keep hair lustrous & smooth, & prevents hair shaft damage.

for health

For Health

Promotes healthy metabolism, improves bone health, helps for weight loss and controls blood sugar levels.

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